The Awesome World of Advertising: Work In Progress – The reality is Creatives work a lot of late nights and long weekends and it’s not uncommon for Clients to change their minds at the last minute or midway through. When that happens, the entire team feel a little burned out. Sometimes, the role of an Account Planner is to help keep morale up.

The Awesome World of Advertising: Thanks for Your Feedback – A big part of working with Creatives is giving them feedback that they can actually use. The more useful your feedback and the more that it helps them sell the work, the more they’ll appreciate your input.

Dilbert: Annual Strategic Planning Sessions – Depending on the account, you may be invited to something called a strategic offsite. That’s where you, a number of Clients, the Account Director and several other folks you’ve never met before will get together to discuss the brand’s strategy for the coming year. Start preparing now!

Lost in Translation: The Process of Designing a Tire Swing – While this comic illustrates the challenges of engineering and software design, the same basic idea is true in an advertising agency. A lot of things get lost in translation from one person to the next.

The Awesome World of Advertising: Thanks for Your Brief – If you want to be valuable to your creative team, give them fresh insights or interesting ideas about the target customer that they don’t already know about. Don’t just recycle old briefs.