One Billion Hungry Campaign

There are a lot of campaigns devoted to alleviating hunger, but this one stands out. It’s the one billion hungry campaign and it features an outraged Jeremy Irons, a yellow whistle, and a petition. A few things that catch my attention:

Provocation. Anger is a more provocative force than sadness. These people are mad as hell that 1 billion people are hungry and they’re not going to take it anymore. Obviously, if every social cause campaign leveraged such intense anger, we’d all be angry all the time, and that would be exhausting. In general though, anger is a more powerful, motivating force than sadness or despair. What emotion is your social cause campaign tapping into?

The yellow whistle. The iconic yellow apostrophe that is also an iconic yellow whistle, encouraging people to “blow the whistle” on hunger. It’s clever, it stands out, and it has a function. What iconic image do you have for your social cause campaign?

The petition. I don’t have research that proves the power of petitions/pledges to increase participation, but it seems like it would increase the likelihood of people of follow through. Does your social cause have a pledge form to get people to commit?