“Funny, honest, and informative…”

After toting The Practical Pocket Guide to Account Planning for just a few days, I learned more about the field of planning and strategy than I had from three years of advertising classes at the University of Texas. Before anything else, this book gets you up to speed with an Account Planner’s day-to-day roles, context within an agency, and overall importance. Funny, honest and informative--this book breaks down all the mysteries and ambiguity that seem to surround this fascinating career.

— Jennie Lee

“This book beats the rest.”

Amazing read for anyone in the advertising world. Before reading Chris Kocek's guide, account planning was some mystical unicorn to me, but after the read it is a better understood mystical unicorn. He explains everything so thoughtfully and tells a great story. You can learn more about how to be a great planner in this book than a semester of college classes could teach you. I recommend it to everyone...even my parents, because nobody understands my occupation. Especially in an industry where everything changes so quickly and digital has taken over, this book beats the rest!

— Emily Jones

“Get a good look at what planning is all about.”

After holding several internships in advertising as an undergrad, I landed a jr. planner position. With four weeks into the job, I can tell you Chris gets it right. Especially the part about the day-to-day-life of a planner. It changes all the time. So far I've written briefs, personas, have listened to one-on-one interviews for concept testing, wrote a POV for a client last week, finished writing my first long form white paper today, am working on two new business pitches and just today I was told I might be involved in creative testing in the near future. Organized chaos, I would say so. If this sounds at all appealing to you, read Chris's book and get a good look at what planning is all about.

— Sofia Morales

“Get this book!”

This book is a must read for any young planner like myself. I can say first-hand that there are certain things you just can't learn in a classroom (even if you have incredible professors!). That's where this book comes into play, helping to bridge that gap in knowledge. In a straightforward and honest way, Chris paints a clear picture of the planner's role in an agency. For any current students or recent grads interested in planning, get this book!

— Michelle H.

“The best ‘textbook’ I have ordered so far.”

I had to order this book for a class and I would say it is the best "text book" I have ordered so far. Kocek brings humor and honestly to the field of account planning and offers a slew of helpful tips for those in pursuit of this career. Each section is also broken down into simple language that anyone can understand and supporting illustrations give breaks for the eye to rest and many also contain humor. Would definitely recommend this book if you need a quick insight into this particular field and will keep my copy handy in the future."

— Ashley

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